Community Guidelines

Community guidelines

Our goal is provide you with a quiet, clean and high quality home. To do this, we need your help. The following are as summary of our community guidelines and lease terms.


Our building is a quiet residential community. You must not make excess noise at any time, and under no circumstances should make noise that can be heard by other residents between the hours of 10pm and 7am. If ANY noise is heard by your neighbors after 10pm, you will be issued a formal notice which can led to termination.

Common areas

You may use the common areas as specified in your lease, but you must keep them clean and tidy at all times. There is no cleaning service to clean up after you.

Building entry doors

You are responsible for ensuring the building entry doors always remain closed, for the safety of all residents. Allowing an unauthorized person entry to the building is a serious safety violation and grounds for immediate termination of your lease.

Personal belongings

You must not leave personal belongings in hallways, stairwells or common areas. Our staff is instructed to immediately remove and dispose of any personal items found.


You must place all of your trash in the designated dumpsters outside the building. Do not leave trash in the building anywhere. There is a $20 fee for us to remove trash that you have left in the building.


Smoking is not allowed at any times in or near any of our buildings, including in your apartment. There are prohibitions on smoking in your lease and also in the law. Smoking is a violation of this Lease and will lead to immediate termination and a minimum $250 cleaning fee.

Basic apartment maintenance

You must keep your apartment in a clean and hygenic state at all times. Unclogging toilets, replacing lightbulbs and smoke alarm batteries, and checking circuit breakers are your responsibility. We are happy to explain over the phone how to do these things. If you require in person assistance there will be a minimum charge of $50.